Olivia Corn

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Olivia is a senior from New York City in the College of Arts and Sciences, majoring in History and minoring in Near Eastern Studies, Jewish Studies, East Asian Studies, and Law & Society.  This past summer, Olivia interned at a trust and estates law firm in New York City.  On campus, she is the President of the American Enterprise Institute Executive Council Program, President and Co-Founder of the Alexander Hamilton Society on Cornell's campus, and a member of the Leadership Roundtable.  She is the former Co-President and Co-Founder of Cornell Political Issues Forum 360, the former Arts and Sciences Representative on the Student Assembly (also sitting on the appropriations committee, elections committee, and infrastructure committee), President Emeritus of the Cornell Republicans, a member of the Academic Integrity Review Board, the Treasurer for the Cornell Asthma and Allergy Committee, a Cornell Ambassador, and a Rose House Scholar.  She is also the national Vice President for Future Political Leaders of America, a Climate Leadership Council Ambassador, an intern at the non-profit Reclaim New York, and a member of the New York State Federation of College Republicans’ Elections and Credentialing Committee.  Before running for a political position, she hopes to go to law school and become a criminal prosecutor.  She is also a die-hard New York Islanders fan, and sadly acknowledges that she will probably never see them win a Stanley Cup.